2022 Snowflake Lounge & Blizzard Ball
Sunday, December 11, 2022

2022 Snowflake Lounge

Snowflake Lounge
VIP Entry 3:30 PM | Event 4:00–6:30 PM

Suggested for ages 3 and up

Blizzard Ball
Event 4:30–6:30 PM

A dance party for 5th and 6th graders

Festive Attire

Thompson Arts Center at Park Avenue Armory
643 Park Avenue at 67th Street

Celebrate the season with Park Avenue Armory at a special afternoon for the young and the young at heart.

As hot chocolate and champagne flow, explore the castle-like setting of the Armory, transformed into a winter wonderland with crafts and games, holiday carolers, and sweet treats. And of course, no winter wonderland would be complete without a visit from Santa, who will be available for keepsake photos with kids with the Armory’s beautiful historic rooms as the backdrop.

All proceeds support the Armory’s arts education program, focusing on creative, outside-the-box thinking for students from underserved public schools.

Committee Levels & Benefits
Reserve the following package to support the Armory’s arts education programs. Packages include early VIP access to the event for all guests, recognition in the invitation and program, an invitation to join the Committee Children’s Choir, and exclusive benefits all year.

$10,000 Platinum Committee ($8,900 is tax-deductible)
Buy Package
Includes 12 tickets to Snowflake Lounge and 4 Snowflake-at-Home boxes.*

$5,000 Diamond Committee ($4,300 is tax-deductible)
Buy Package
Includes 8 tickets to Snowflake Lounge and 2 Snowflake- at-Home boxes.*

$2,500 Snowflake Committee ($1,950 is tax-deductible)
Buy Package
Includes 6 tickets to Snowflake Lounge and 2 Snowflake-at-Home boxes.*

$1,500 Sparkle Committee ($1,150 is tax-deductible)
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Includes 4 tickets to Snowflake Lounge and 1 Snowflake-at- Home box.*

$1,000 Crystal Committee ($700 is tax-deductible)
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Includes 4 tickets to Snowflake Lounge.

$200 Individual Ticket ($125 is tax-deductible)
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Includes 1 ticket for either an adult or child to Snowflake Lounge. All children must attend with ticketed adult supervision.

$200 Blizzard Ball Individual Ticket ($125 is tax-deductible)
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Includes 1 ticket for Blizzard Ball, a dance party for 5th and 6th graders from 4:30pm–6:30pm. Pre-teens must be brought to the Blizzard Ball by a ticketed adult (at least one adult for up to four pre-teens). Blizzard Ball ticket includes access to all Snowflake Lounge activities. Attire is festive (no jeans or t-shirts).

$150 Snowflake-at-Home Party Box ($100 is tax-deductible, price is per box)
Buy Party Box
*Snowflake-at-Home Party Box provides a specially curated kit of creative activities, including holiday crafts, cookie decorating, and tempting treats: the perfect way to share some holiday cheer with your friends and family of all ages! Boxes can be shipped domestically as gifts, sent to one’s home, or donated to Armory Schools.

To join the Committee or to purchase tickets/boxes, please download and complete this form or contact the Office of Special Events by email at specialevents@armoryonpark.org or phone at (212) 616-3952. Thank you for your generous support

Snowflake Lounge Committee
Hélène Comfort
Erica Armstrong
Abigail Baratta
Enrica Bentivoglio D’arengi
Katherine Birch
Clemence Boissonnas
Melanie Bouvard
Sonja Brand
Sana Clegg
Austen Cruz
Nathalie Danilovich
Jessie Ding
Lisa Ehrenkranz
Cristina Enriquez-Bocobo
Amandine Freidheim
Frances Fontaine Chedid
Grace Glasser
Agnes Gund
Nicole Hart
Sasha Cutter Hsu
Meghan Klopp
Inna Koehler
Jill Kraus
Kate Lauprete
Pinki Mahadevia
Steven Markovitch
Jackie Martin
Charmee Mayer
Whitney Mogavero
Margo Nederlander
Stephanie Newhouse
Ji Park Kwak
Nicole Pickett
Marie-Noëlle Pierce
Natalya Poniatowski
Charmaine Portis
Jennifer Reardon
Stephanie Reif
The Robertson Foundation
Whitney Rouse Teach
Kana Sakurai
Christine Sethi
Joan Steinberg
Shirley Steinberg
Katherine Tochilin
Alyssa Varadhan
Jenny West
Samiah Zafar
Malena Zhang

Blizzard Ball Committee
Hélène Comfort
Samiah Zafar

Vice Chair
Austen Cruz

Richard Aina
Erica Armstrong
Valerie Aston
Felicia Baer
Claire Bernard
Maegan Boger
Christina Caldwell
Sana Clegg
Sloane Corleto
Merrill Curtis
Sasha Cutter
Evangeline Decima
Molly Deschenes
Lesley Dryden
Marla Eisbruck
Blair England
Darice Fadeyi
Jeannie Gaffigan
Susie Gould
Shirin Green
Green-Mwangaguhunga Family
Chloe Hall
Maha Hayat
Travis Hennings
Josefin Hilal
Lillie Howard
Kamila Islam
Samhita Jayanti
Sarah Johnson
Mahesh Katkar
Tracey Kimmel
Inna Koehler
Kate Lauprete
Fraser Maloney
Charmee Mayer
Amory McAndrew
Andrea Melton
Priyanka Nishar
Nicole Orphanos
Lauren Pelletier
Nicole Hanley Pickett
Stephanie Rief
Sarah Saint-Amand
Christina Sethi
Kemp Steib
Colleen Stenzler
Carolyn Sterling
Marisa Von Bokhorst
Patricia Walker
Malena Zhang
Kim Zinn

Pre-Teen Committee
Aariz Abdullah
Liam Aina-Wilson
Olivia Aston
Charlie Baer
James Boger
Violet Carlin
Lyla Clegg
Campbell Cruz
Luke Decima
John Dryden
Lion de Rham
Sebastian Fadeyi
Katherine Florack
Annie Fraise
Michael Gaffigan
Leila Green
Maddie Gould
Dashiell Hall
Madison Hennings
Ruby Hilal
Will Howard
Axel Hsu
Knowles Johnson
Keshav Katkar
Kishore Katkar
Mathilde Lauprete
Riley Maloney
Force Mellon
Henry Melton
David Mwangaguhunga
Eva Mwangaguhunga
Samuel Mwangaguhunga
Arthur Nordeman
Peter Orphanos
Zach Patel
Luc Pelletier
Arnav Saigal
Grayson Sethi
Georgia Steib
Matthew Stenzler
Nicholas Jayanti

As of November 22, 2022